Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Exactas

Martes, 26 Enero 2016 15:23

Foro del Departamento de Matemáticas: "On the Control of the Improved Boussinesq Equation"

Publicado: 26 de Enero de 2016

El profesor Eduardo Cerpa, del Departamento de Matemáticas de la Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile, presentará en el Foro del Departamento de Matemáticas la charla "On the Control of the Improved Boussinesq Equation".

El foro tendrá lugar el viernes 29 de enero a las 11:00 a.m. en el salón de posgrado de matemáticas (Universidad del Valle, edificio 320, espacio 3194). Entrada libre.



The Boussinesq equation was introduced to describe the flow of shallow water waves with small amplitude. In order to overcome the lack of well-posedness of this equation, it can be approached by the Improved Boussinesq equation. In this talk we are interested in the control properties of the latter. First, we consider a boundary control and prove that the system is approximately controllable but not exactly controllable. Second, we introduce an internal control supported on a moving region and prove that the system is exactly controllable. The main tools we use are spectral analysis and the Moment Theory. We will introduce the main concepts of control in order to do an self-contained talk.